Bulbine for eczema

Leia (my youngest little one) has had a bit of sensitive skin since birth, but over this last winter her eczema has flared up something terrible. Of course, the paediatricians all happily recommend cortisone creams and such, but I’ve been looking at a more herbal approach (naturally!).

I’ve been bathing her in a mixture of Lavender pure essential oil and Rose pure essential oil with a splash of Almond oil and then rubbing her down with my own home-macerated Calendula oil and it all helped, but nothing seemed to work as a longer term solution (each night, come bath time, her skin was very dry and rough and itchy again).

I am quite excited tonight though as it is the first night in a long time that I put her pyjamas on over a soft (at least much softer than normal) skin and it seems to be all because of a big bulbine (Bulbinella frutescens) rub down I gave her earlier today. I am going to continue with the bulbine for at least another week and see what results I get. At the very least, I know it is not at all harmful to her little skin and even if it does not help with the eczema and dry skin, it can only be good for her.

I simply press the gel out of the freshly picked bulbine leaves and rub it straight onto her skin, even better sometimes I get it right to split open a leaf and facing it down (gel side to the skin), use it as a rub on the affected parts.

2 thoughts on “Bulbine for eczema

  1. Malcolm

    October 4, 2011 at 11:57am

    You could also try Carpobrotis edulis (Sour Fig, Ghaukum or Suurvy) which also has very good skin healing and soothing properties, as do many of the indigenous Aloe species.

  2. minette

    October 4, 2011 at 12:20pm

    Thanks, Malcolm, fantastic info! I’ve personally got a bit of a problem keeping Sour Fig growing in my garden because it seems to be a delicacy for my two Jack Russels! Recently though, while visiting the coast, I marvelled at the soothing properties of this plant after my husband happily smeared Sour Fig sap all over an angry looking patch on his leg where he got stung by some or another sea creature – of course it worked like a charm!

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