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Flower -Calendula- pasta



Oh how enthralled I am with this idea -adding edible flowers to your pasta as you make it! The possibilities are endless – especially if you make ravioli, or pasta salad, somewhere where the pasta shows and shines and is not drowned in sauces.

Today, I used Calendula, and was completely delighted by the bright petal colour coming through on the pasta. Easy peasy – just use your normal pasta recipe and add flower petals before rolling it.




I made a big batch of pasta, but you can use a 1:1 ratio – for every 100g of flour, add 1 egg. I also like to mix plain flour with semolina and brown, but you can use just plain flour instead.

  • 150g plain white flour
  • 150g wholewheat flour
  • 100g semolina flour
  • 4 eggs


Calendula pasta

Calendula pasta

  1. Mix flours together with a fork (or in a blender with a dough-hook attachment)
  2. Make a well and add the eggs, mixing from the inside out until all the four is incorporated (or add the eggs into the flour while mixing in blender with dough hook attachment)
  3. When well mixed, tip out onto counter, knead with hands a few times and let dough ball rest for a few minutes (30 mins)
  4. Break dough ball into smaller balls and start rolling through pasta maker.
  5. To add the flower petals, sprinkle onto the sheet of pasta while you roll it (I rolled the pasta on setting one to flatten it out, sprinkled liberally with petals, folded, rolled on setting one again and then continued to roll until setting 6.


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