Edible Flowers #4 – Weed Flowers (Dandelion, Daisy, Clover)

I can certainly go on and on about the nutritional and medical virtues of some plants commonly seen as pesky weeds – but that’s a different story for a different day – today though, it is these same weeds whose flowers we are going to have a look at for the fourth installment in our […]

Herbal preperations

“To decoct or not to decoct?”, that is the question. Or at least, the question is more in the lines of “What herbal preparation to use, and how is it created?” Herbalists or phytotherapists, and the home herb enthusiast, can use herbs in various ways to treat dis-ease. One herb may have many different ways […]


Edible Flowers #3 – Dianthus & ssp

Clove pinks, pinks, sweet William, carnations and gillyflowers -all part of the delightful dianthus family. Dianthus means flower of flowers (or more literally god of flowers: dios (god) and anthos (flower)), a name bestowed on this herb by the Greeks and dedicated to their “sky father”. It was held in high regard with the Romans too, […]

Gillyflower tuile ice cream cups

Tuile cups are formed when tuile cookies are draped over cups instead of rolled as cigars or cones after baking. They make beautiful edible cups for ice creams. Simply adding a few edible flowers into the basic tuile recipe ( adapted from Martha Stewart), will give your dessert even more “oohs!” and “ahs!” This recipe […]

Calendula officinalis

Edible Flowers #2 – Calendula

Calendula patch Another cheerful little flower popping up in early spring is the pretty yellow or orange Calendula. They are favourites in cottage gardens, and flower almost continuously from early spring to late autumn. It is this belief that they bloom on the first day of each month (Latin: calends), or kalendae, which gave rise to their botanical name. […]

pasta calendula

Flower -Calendula- pasta

Oh how enthralled I am with this idea -adding edible flowers to your pasta as you make it! The possibilities are endless – especially if you make ravioli, or pasta salad, somewhere where the pasta shows and shines and is not drowned in sauces. Today, I used Calendula, and was completely delighted by the bright […]

Tagetes and Calendula

The Importance of Latin Botanical Names

The first thing that come to mind with Calendula to me, is “The Importance of Plant Names”Too often plants are called by their common names, and in the world of herbs, this may cause some problems and confusion. Calendulas and Marigolds are a prime example. While Calendula (Calendula officinalis) is an edible flower and medicinal […]

Pansy pancakes


Tomorrow is Spring Day! Today though it does not look close to Spring in Auckland at all – it is grey, wet, windy and quite cold… …But being in the middle of doing a series on Edible Flowers, I thought I’d bring some Spring into our home today by making Pansy Pancakes, or as my daughter, Miya, […]

Edible flowers #1 – Viola family

Greeting the early spring of each year, sweet violets, violas, violettas, and pansies, favourites in gardens world wide, rarely fail to make one smile with their charming little faces. Pansies differ from violets in that pansy flowers have four petals pointing upwards and only one directed downwards. Meet the family Sweet Violet Best-loved of the true violets, […]