Homemade natural (herbal) toothpaste

We brush twice a day (if we are good), and often swiggle and gargle too. But what exactly is in your toothpaste and your mouthwash? There’s the big question around fluoride, and even if your conventional paste is fluoride free, it may contain other ingredients which, as a natural-health minded person, you’re not going to […]


I’ve recently decided to try going no-poo. No…no-poo doesn’t have anything to do with bowel movements (thank goodness!), but it does describe the movement where people are shirking commercial SHAMPOO. I’ve read up quite a bit on it and have for a long while done away with lathering and rinsing for my kids, but never […]

Herbal Bath Salts

Showers are fine for getting a quick clean (and for saving water, of course), but every now and then I love the absolute indulgence of a big bath and to make it even more special, I like to add a little something extra to the water…what can be better than to sink into a relaxing […]