Herb Salts

Herb Salts Herb salts are amazingly easy and amazingly delicious to make. If you have a few culinary herbs and salt, or even just a few packets of dried herbs and salt in your cupboard, you have no excuse to make these culinary delights! Basic Blend and Ratios This all depends on your taste buds […]


Close encounters of the Chamomile kind

When chamomile presents itself to you in three different ways¬†in as many days, I guess it’s time to take heed. ūüėÄ First encounter-¬†North Shore Herb Group At our monthly meeting this past Monday, we had a lovely lady come talk to us about the blending of herbs for therapeutic teas. We all tasted teas, and […]

Edible Flowers #9 – Citrus blossoms

Native to Southeast Asia, originating perhaps in Southern China or Northeastern India, and in cultivation for over 4000 years, the citrus genus bears¬†some of the world’s favourite fruit. Although it is commonly agreed that there are around 16 species of these evergreen flowering trees and shrubs,¬†the taxonomy of citrus can be¬†quite confusing and inconsistent. The […]


Edible Flowers #7 – Lavender

What an enchanting herb, Lavender (Lavandula spp)¬†is! Long associated with the English cottage garden, or picturesque purple lavender hills in the French countryside, Lavender is loved and grown all over the world today. Lavenders have long been¬†used as a medicine for various ailments, and in the household to perfume and repel insects. Today, it is […]

Lavender shortbread

I’ve been making these melt-in-the-mouth delights since I first opened The Little Herb Cottage (my first¬†herb business which featured a specialist herb shop and herb nursery). They have¬†always been met with oohs and ahs, and once with a “yuck”, but Lavender is not everyone’s cup of tea! ūüėÄ Ingredients 1 tsp¬†fresh lavender leaves, chopped 1 […]

Edible Flowers #6 – Hollyhock & Hibiscus

  I have to confess to not having eaten either Hollyhocks (Althaea rosea; syn. Alcea rosea) or Hibiscus (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis) before, but they are both on my absolutely all-time favourite flower list, and I am terribly excited for my Hibiscus and Hollyhocks to flower later this summer so that I can get experimenting with adding […]

Edible Flowers #5 – Italian Herb Flowers

Inspirational for their cooking, the Italians love using herbs and seasonings in their recipes. Using the flowers of herbs are also not anything new, with celebrity chefs like Jamie Oliver bringing the joy of their use to light yet again. Common to Italian Herb Seasoning, and collectively named the Mediterranean Herbs, for it is in […]


Edible Flowers #4 – Weed Flowers (Dandelion, Daisy, Clover)

I can certainly go on and on about the nutritional and medical virtues of some plants commonly seen as pesky weeds – but that’s a different story for a different day – today though, it is these same weeds whose flowers we are going to have a look at for the fourth installment in our […]


Edible Flowers #3 – Dianthus & ssp

Clove pinks, pinks, sweet William, carnations and gillyflowers -all part of the delightful dianthus family. Dianthus means flower of flowers (or more literally god of flowers:¬†dios (god) and anthos (flower)), a name bestowed on this herb by the Greeks and dedicated to their “sky father”. It was held in high regard with the Romans too, […]

Gillyflower tuile ice cream cups

Tuile cups are formed when tuile cookies are draped over cups instead of rolled as cigars or cones after baking. They make beautiful edible cups for ice creams. Simply adding a few edible flowers into the basic tuile recipe ( adapted from Martha Stewart), will give your dessert even more “oohs!” and “ahs!” This recipe […]