Calendula officinalis

Edible Flowers #2 – Calendula

Calendula patch Another cheerful little flower popping up in early spring is the pretty yellow or orange Calendula. They are favourites in cottage gardens, and flower almost continuously from early spring to late autumn. It is this belief that they bloom on the first day of each month (Latin: calends), or kalendae, which gave rise to their botanical name. […]

pasta calendula

Flower -Calendula- pasta

Oh how enthralled I am with this idea -adding edible flowers to your pasta as you make it! The possibilities are endless – especially if you make ravioli, or pasta salad, somewhere where the pasta shows and shines and is not drowned in sauces. Today, I used Calendula, and was completely delighted by the bright […]

Tagetes and Calendula

The Importance of Latin Botanical Names

The first thing that come to mind with Calendula to me, is “The Importance of Plant Names”Too often plants are called by their common names, and in the world of herbs, this may cause some problems and confusion. Calendulas and Marigolds are a prime example. While Calendula (Calendula officinalis) is an edible flower and medicinal […]

Homemade natural (herbal) toothpaste

We brush twice a day (if we are good), and often swiggle and gargle too. But what exactly is in your toothpaste and your mouthwash? There’s the big question around fluoride, and even if your conventional paste is fluoride free, it may contain other ingredients which, as a natural-health minded person, you’re not going to […]