Edible Flowers #3 – Dianthus & ssp

Clove pinks, pinks, sweet William, carnations and gillyflowers -all part of the delightful dianthus family. Dianthus means flower of flowers (or more literally god of flowers:┬ádios (god) and anthos (flower)), a name bestowed on this herb by the Greeks and dedicated to their “sky father”. It was held in high regard with the Romans too, […]

Gillyflower tuile ice cream cups

Tuile cups are formed when tuile cookies are draped over cups instead of rolled as cigars or cones after baking. They make beautiful edible cups for ice creams. Simply adding a few edible flowers into the basic tuile recipe ( adapted from Martha Stewart), will give your dessert even more “oohs!” and “ahs!” This recipe […]