Edible Flowers #4 – Weed Flowers (Dandelion, Daisy, Clover)

I can certainly go on and on about the nutritional and medical virtues of some plants commonly seen as pesky weeds – but that’s a different story for a different day – today though, it is these same weeds whose flowers we are going to have a look at for the fourth installment in our […]


Edible Flowers #3 – Dianthus & ssp

Clove pinks, pinks, sweet William, carnations and gillyflowers -all part of the delightful dianthus family. Dianthus means flower of flowers (or more literally god of flowers: dios (god) and anthos (flower)), a name bestowed on this herb by the Greeks and dedicated to their “sky father”. It was held in high regard with the Romans too, […]

Edible flowers #1 – Viola family

Greeting the early spring of each year, sweet violets, violas, violettas, and pansies, favourites in gardens world wide, rarely fail to make one smile with their charming little faces. Pansies differ from violets in that pansy flowers have four petals pointing upwards and only one directed downwards. Meet the family Sweet Violet Best-loved of the true violets, […]